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Marlboro is situated in the Northern reaches of Johannesburg next to Alexandra and in the near vicinity of the Sandton CBD - home to the JSE and a host of financial institutions and investment banks - one of the wealthiest suburbs of Johannesburg. Marlboro is part of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and is a suburb of Sandton. Marlboro is divided into 2 zones: Marlboro Gardens, a residential area established as a township for Indians, and Marlboro Industrial Township (Marlboro South). Marlboro Industrial Township is situated directly north of Alexandra Township, east of the industrial township of Wynberg and south of the residential township Marlboro Gardens.

This site is bounded by First Street and Vasco Da Gama Street to the south, Pretoria Main Road to the west, Fifth Street to the north and Seventh Avenue to the east. The area is accessible via the M1 and M3 highways via Marlboro Drive. The Alexandra township supports about 10 000 people, 2 500 households. A large number of Marlboro residents (60%) live in backyard shacks or illegally occupied abandoned factories premises. Alexandra, a small but densely populated area, is undergoing a radical face-lift, with efforts to de-densify it, introduce proper street signage and lighting and prevent encroachment along the banks of the Jukskei River.New developments along Alex's East Bank have gone some way towards alleviating housing pressure.

While Marlboro hasn’t merged with Alexandra, many of the derellect buildings are occupied by squatters and if one can describe an informal settlement as an unrecognised occupation of land or buildings, Marlboro can be called an informal settlement. Marlboro was a productive commercial node in the 80’s and early 90’s not unlike Kelvin or the like. With the growth of the Township of Alexandra and the threat of crime, Marlboro was abandoned. The building users left the area after the 1994 election riots as well as due to the increase of crime that occurred in this time. They left behind 53 buildings that people from different countries and provinces came to occupy and today, these people make up the community of Marlboro and live in constant threat of eviction. The residents of Marlboro formed a committee to represent their needs, the Marlboro Warehouse Crisis Committee (MWCC), and have requested help from the South African SDI Alliance their fight against eviction, and towards an equitable solution for their current circumstance. From the process, the aim is to document and help legitimize the needs and concerns of the Marlboro community in a tangible manner that can be used to capacitate the MWCC and the residents in order to engage the City of Johannesburg.

Marlboro Gautrain Station is strategically positioned adjacent to the N3/Marlboro Drive interchange, south of Marlboro Drive and to the west of the N3. Airport link train coaches will not be accessible for general passengers at Marlboro Station. Therefore, daily commuters using the general passenger services will only be able to embark or disembark at Rhodesfield, Marlboro or Sandton stations. The airport link can only be accessed from Sandton Station or OR Tambo International Airport Station. The Sandton Traffic Departmemnt and licensing and testing centre is located in Marlboro.

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