Parkmore Properties

With this absolute gem of a suburb, Parkmore property owners have it all.Parkmore has all the convenience provided by more upmarket Sandton areas, but the atmosphere here will help you to feel as though you are hidden away in a quiet suburban dream – making it an attractive choice for anyone in search of a new home. This area also holds many benefits for families, including being close to some high quality schools and clinics. In addition, Parkmore is right next to Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre, where you will find absolutely everything from daily necessities to excuses for pampering yourself.


There are also a few other shops, restaurants and fast food outlets in the area, apart from those available in the shopping centre. The health conscious residents of Parkmore also enjoy having George Lea Park close by, as it offers a beautiful setting for joggers and dog walkers alike. 

Parkmore houses range in their sizes, styles and general offering, though most were built throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. Many have large gardens that are perfect for those who have children or who are planning on starting a family,but there are many young professionals who have made this area their home as well - especially as it almost touches the heart of Sandton’s business district.Some houses here also have large swimming pools that allow you to take full advantage of the long summers Johannesburg’s residents are spoilt with.Houses are also well spread apart, giving residents a feeling of luxury and privacy. 

In addition to all of the above, the suburb’s central location and close proximity to main roads as well as highways allows you to access other parts of Johannesburg with ease. Apart from this, owners of Parkmore real estate will also be close to many well known and well-loved places such as Sandton City Mall and HydePark Shopping Centre. These boast rooftop dining areas and bars from which you can watch the sun set over the Randburg city skyline whilst enjoying refined company as well as refreshments.

If you are looking at making an investment in Parkmore property, do not hesitate to Renprop today to find out how we can help you do so.